amiibo Training Guides

amiibo Training Guides

Welcome to our master list of Super Smash Bros. amiibo training guides! Exion is home to a complete archive of character information across both Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — plus we’ve got Raid Boss info! If you’ve never trained an amiibo before, check out our list of eight things you should know before you start.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

At the time of writing, our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo guide project is still ongoing. Our development team consists of Cloud, Leaf, Lunagrade, and JoKe07, and we’re constantly hard at work bringing you accurate & updated training content. Each of the guides below contains information on training both competitive Figure Players and Raid Boss ones. The fighters here are listed in alphabetical order, so take your pick:

Banjo & KazooieBayonettaBowserBowser Jr.BylethCaptain FalconChrom – CloudCorrin – Daisy – Dark Pit – Dark Samus – Diddy Kong – Donkey Kong – Dr. Mario – Duck Hunt – Falco – Fox – GanondorfGreninjaHero – Ice Climbers – IkeIncineroarInklingIsabelle – Jigglypuff – JokerKazuyaKenKing DededeKing K. Rool – Kirby – Link – Little MacLucarioLucas – Lucina – Luigi – Mario – Marth – Mega Man – Meta Knight – Mewtwo – Mii BrawlerMii GunnerMii SwordfighterMin MinMr. Game & Watch – Ness – OlimarPac-ManPalutena – Peach – Pichu – PikachuPiranha PlantPitPokémon TrainerPyra / MythraR.O.B.RichterRidleyRobinRosalina & Luma – Roy – Ryu – SamusSephirothSheik – ShulkSimonSnakeSonic – Sora – Steve – TerryToon LinkVillagerWarioWii Fit TrainerWolfYoshiYoung Link – Zelda – Zero Suit Samus

We’ve also got several more miscellaneous guides available, including a general training guide to anybody just starting out for the first time. Most of the tournaments hosted in our Discord server require your FP’s training file, and information on how to retrieve that file can be found via our tournament entry guide. If you haven’t already looked at the amiibo Wiki, you absolutely should! It’s a great resource for new trainers looking to learn more about the metagame.

Super Smash Bros. 4

To be honest, we’re not sure why anybody would need access to Super Smash Bros. 4 amiibo guides, but we’ve got a complete collection of them listed here anyway. The Smash 4 guide development team consisted of Cloud, FarmingSim, Arklaine, Supernova, DONkLe, and MegaVGmaster; the project was finally finished in 2017! The fighters here are – once again – listed in alphabetical order:

BayonettaBowserBowser Jr.Captain FalconCharizardCloudCorrinDark PitDiddy KongDonkey KongDr. MarioDuck HuntFalcoFoxGanondorfGreninjaIkeJigglypuffKing DededeKirbyLinkLittle MacLucarioLucasLucinaLuigiMarioMarthMega ManMeta KnightMewtwoMii BrawlerMii GunnerMii SwordfighterMr. Game & WatchNessOlimarPac-ManPalutenaPeachPikachuPitR.O.B.RobinRosalina & LumaRoyRyuSamusSheikShulkSonicToon LinkVillagerWarioWii Fit TrainerYoshiZeldaZero Suit Samus

Although much of our focus has been placed on amiibo training guides over the years, Exion has a variety of other content that you can explore as well. If you’d like to read more, check out the Index! It houses all of our original essays, articles, reviews, and guides, so give it a look when you have the chance. One final note here: you’re always welcome to join our Discord community if you have any questions (or if you would like to report an error you found on one of our pages). Happy training!

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